Swift is the Passage to Eternity – By Oscar E V Fernando


Oscar Fernando

A strand of atomic beam floating-frolicking in the Heavens-

Creeps in to the mother’s womb in Love so Perfect and Divine.

So facultied in thought-now in flesh, continues seeing the Eternal Presence-

In the cozy sac of the womb in peace and love sublime.


Behold-this tender soul and body comes out in time-with a strained cry-

So loud to Say-I have Lost-have lost a Grand Majestic Sight.

The cry fades in a whimper and then a slumber-

Midst angelic smiles-perhaps glimpsing that Grandeur now-lost to its sight.

This ceaseless search for that Perfection-goes on and on-

Reaching the tomb when life span ends and then-follows on.

It is what we do-how we live that matters to Him thereon-

So live for others though the pull of flesh is to live forlorn.


Leaving flesh to dust-this strand of beam floats in heavens plane-

Till the Final Day-it clasps the lonely dust that stayed-again.

Together continue beholding the Dazzle in Heaven’s Brightening Glow Divine-

Or be banished with Non-Beauty and the dazzle and that is Hell’s Eternal Bind.


Should we not be willing to live in His Great Moral design-

Etched in our soul to earn resplendent life benign?

Be prudent in using Free Will to discern His Designed Path

To be led by the Kindly Light in our walk along that same Divine Path.

So in all Kindness and compassion;

Walk the stranger that extra mile and chuckle in that quiet witty smile-

Clothe the stranger in his nakedness-so shy-share your cloak in style.

Feed that stranger wallowing in hunger’s pain-with meals on your wheels-

Then be called to that Grand Banquet-for Swift indeed the Passage to Eternal Bliss.

Oscar E V Fernando

July 2020

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