Sail Along Silvery Moon – By Des Kelly


 This touching note was forwarded to me by Maxwell, in reply to my request for a few details on the beautiful video he sent me previously.

I too, absolutely love the “Vaughn” Sax’s in harmony, music, & strangely enough, Sail Along Silvery Moon was also one of my favourites. Thank you, Maxwell Gerlach, and now, everyone connected to eLanka, please watch some good music, played as it should be played, for your total enjoyment. 


Desmond Kelly

          Desmond Kelly.
(Editor-in-Chief) eLanka.

Sail Along Silvery Moon attaches my heart to a special time with someone very close to my heart .. My Beloved Mum. Billy Vaughn is a favorite for many reasons. Love his music. My Mum and Dad owned most of Billy Vaughn’s records, and there are quite a few of the same available in CD. His music lives on with beautiful video photos that touch the senses .. excellent orchestrations by a master and brings back many memories.

Maxwell Gerlach

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