eLanka | Remembering Buddy Musafer RIP – by Patrick Ranasinghe

Swing Along with the Spitfires

Budrian Musafer My “stage” career commenced around 1960, at the age of 18. Appeared on stage shows presented by Tina Maria, Priya, Decima and Malcolm Andree at the Atlanta and the Kandy Lake Club. Then went on to sing with various pop bands – “The Sombreros”, “Sound Tracks” and a few others. In 1966, I was invited by Nizam Adahan to listen to a band called the ‘Spit‑res’ – at rehearsals – where he was the lead guitarist. I tried out a song with Conrad de Silva, who was their male vocalist and our voices blended in harmony… well that was the beginning of “Conrad & Budrin with the Spit‑res”. This was the part of my musical career that I enjoyed the most. The band went through many changes with the addition of Dalreen. When Conrad left and joined the Jetliners, Desmond de Silva and Sohan Pieris joined the Spit‑res. In 1972, I had to choose between music and my profession in the airline trade and opted for the latter. However, I stayed in touch with the entertainment business

Patrick Ranasinghe

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