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Peace-much used and abused!

An atmospheric turbulence, followed by calm on its own-thus bringing peace-is called an act of God

or it can be absence of war-following a treaty signed by humans of hostile communities within a nation-bringing about a halt to noise disturbance-disorder-followed with no bombardment or the wails of butchered humans or groans of animals-scenes gruesome on the battlefield

both called external peace

there is the peace generated from within and taught by philosophers-practicing which-one discovers peace within and is revealed in the demeanor of a person who survives mental agitation-thus portraying serenity and tranquility-ready and willing to talk steps that lead to enduring peace with no agitation within-such a team of persons can survive hostile conduct against a peaceful solution to a long-vexed problem

Such peace is called-internal peace and is elucidated in the song accompanying this piece-

let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me

such internal peace may be found when penetrating and transcending within-in various manners taught by experts on the subject

one may have thoughts good and bad as a motive for meditation and therefore be cautious on deciding which to meditate on

one can transcend within to seek self only and thus boost the ego-or seek within for the glimpse of the divine-making a huge difference-though in both cases initial peace and tranquility will be experienced

the Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy had this to say in his book-war and peace-if everyone fought for their own convictions there would be no wars

how many volunteers come forward to the battlefield with their own convictions-how many do die for the so-called magical and persuasive word-patriotism

not that there aren’t

The fashion or the fad from days of old-was to fight for king and country-or was it for the king alone-hiding behind the hypnotic word-patriotism

worth a ponder!

there have been so-called justifiable wars for genuine defense and or it may be for reasons fancied in ego-boosting of a ruler to preserve power and might

The appended poem composed and published by this writer in 2003-in the post eleven nine tragedy-touches on it

Cheek to Cheek
Pa said the son; they talk and talk of peace, just what is this peace?

This illusive peace to war is like chalk is to cheese.

Conflict resolutions they say, but are we all not lost in it.

How come said the son when all human beings yearn for this? 


Yes, said pa, but we have separate minds and separate wills;
Unlike robots we can create and do what we will.
Then what should we do ask the son to have the peace we seek?
Use your will to do what is right; good conscience, do keep.

Will not shooting and killing be the easier way out said the son
Where did you learn this asked the surprised father from the son?
This is what we see on television day in and day out;
The bullet and the gun are the only way those in power can shout. 

My advice to turn the other cheek as told by Christ—did you follow asked the curious father?
John slapped me and with no show of temper, I turned the other cheek: he rather;
Was surprised and his fury vanished before my own eyes.
That would be the best way for eventual justice said the father, unable to control tears from his own eyes

They told me father; without greed and craze for power the world will be still.
Yes, that is what rulers of old taught to retain their power and do their will.
What should we do now, if that is what comes down to us from them?
Why let those blind keep us blind; open your eyes, scales will fall off then. 

But some say it is cowardly meekness that the world will not condone.
You did try and found what boldness and courage are needed for this alone.
The highest power on earth should try this—even now, with good design;
Though with short victory—vicious cycle’s bound to follow tragedy Eleven Nine

‘Hatred will not cease with hatred’ Lord Buddha.

War for whatever reason-is ultimately futile!

The song-where have all the flowers gone is appended to elucidate the futility of war-as opposed to peace gained from the magic of-turning the other cheek!


Oscar Fernando

Oscar E V Fernando

June 2021

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