Ceylon then-Sri Lanka now-a Void so Wide – by Oscar E V Fernando


Oscar Fernando

A subject volatile needs a rope so tight with opinions sensitive and also wide

then-flowing in milk and honey-now-in pools of blood so frequent-sad and despondent-here and in the world resplendent

blood and bombs outside-a subject too tricky for us to handle-let us to the local scene be confined

a tapestry of colorful design and taste with communities all living in peace and joy-veddhas-sinhalese-tamils muslims-burghers and the malays-a spicy tasty pickle it was-though foreign

they gave their might to make the country free from the yoke of foreign rule and their continued fleece-lo and behold the submerged desire to shake off the shackles of shame caved in to a wild desire to went upon the less in might and brawn who happened to share spoils then

opinionated history tell us this-and then the other-these tales can keep us tethered in disputes-keeping on till the cows come home to roost

some left shores disgruntled physical and intellectual-for reasons best known to the doers and those who suffered the affects-they went in search of pastures green-now doing well but sad inside for having to forsake this dear isle-waiting to return-with an ever hoped for peace

does not hope spring eternal in the human breast-some to return-some others still in fight to get their right to that pound of flesh

this resplendent isle lies bleeding and stagnant all the while-those demanding the pound of flesh and an ounce or two more-from the time of the council state-still wanting same-war defeat or not

a war in repeat will do the same for both sides in blast

cannot those so stubborn sit and discuss-like in times of yore-so sincere with no history’s prejudice leading to infantile measures resulting only in blood and bruises for the progeny to fear

on this World Day for Seniors and Children-October the first-that comes every year

None so blind and deaf as those refusing to see and hear!

Oscar E V Fernando

October 2020

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