A JAPANESE METHOD TO RELAX IN 5 MINUTES For the first time your shown how to use the fingers This Dude says it works    — make up your own mind Sanskriti Singh   All the jokes apart, I tried it right now and it truly works. I was a mess of emotions since the last 2 days. It felt like my body was charged with emotions and I was under so much stress. I decided to hold all the fingers one by one. I first held the thumb and then the index fingers. As soon as a minute went by holding the index finger I automatically started feeling calm and a lot better. After around 10 minutes I even started laughing at some joke I thought. If half an hour ago someone would’ve told me I would feel this calm I wouldn’t have believed at all. I’m leaving this comment here so that anyone who’s here because of any mental health issue knows that THIS WORKS. Trust me I know how worse one…

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