eLanka | “EGGS” (FREE RANGE) – By Des Kelly

EGGS (FREE RANGE) – By Des Kelly

   Among us Sri Lankans, I feel sure that all eLanka readers would be fully aware, that there are many “Roosters”.

That said, with all this animal cruelty around at the moment, I would like to dedicate this little piece, especially to all the hens around, after all, it takes a hen and a rooster to manufacture the topic of my article.

Eggs are just dregs, when “battery-laid”,

by procedures both cruel and strange

Still, one egg per day, keeps the doctor away, if the hens as I say, are “free-range”.

Hens can’t be to blame, for the cruelty and shame, that their lives locked in cages, now features, it’s not the natural way, and I’d go on to say, they are still one of God’s little creatures.

Eggs give us the protein that everyone needs, we love them for breakfast each day, but as everyone knows, we just should not eat those, that the hens have to suffer, to lay. 

Yes, eggs are just dregs, when “battery-laid”, thru suffering, trouble and strife,

so choose them with care, they’re much tastier fare, laid by hens with a “free-range” life.

EGGS (FREE RANGE) – By Des Kelly EGGS (FREE RANGE) – By Des Kelly

Remember, one main factor in the upward trend of a hen’s life, should be the power of wandering. Think about it.

Desmond Kelly

Desmond Kelly

(Editor-in-Chief)  eLanka.


Post Script :- I cannot stand Animal- Abusers, they are the World’s greatest losers !!. 

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