“SINGLISH” – By Des Kelly


A picture speaks a thousand words. Above, is the way we sometimes keep in touch. Seeing that it isn’t a private message, I decided to share this superb video with all my eLanka friends. Always knew that there were many pretty gals in Dehiwala, and this certainly proves the point.

Thank you, Maxie, for the video. I am pretty sure that many are going to enjoy it, as I did. Bohoma lassanai, machang. Obalaata suba dhavasak weva.

Ethaama isthuthi, obalaage’ donations

Welata. Dhompe’ ayah saha mumma

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Ithin api gihilla ennung. Just a reminder to all you kalupuka Suddhas, don’t forget your Sinhala grammar either– All endings of sentences must be thus, Mumma-mi, Api-mu, Tho-hi, & Thopi-hu.(i.e. Mumma gedera giyaymi)

 Desmond Kelly.

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