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The land belonging to my father is located a quarter kilometer  away from my house.More than half of bordering area is enclosed with a fascinating paddy field.There is a small house too.I like to be there very much indeed.Sometimes my father stays there.No power is available there.There are only the lights coming from the lamps mixed together with moon lights and the light from light flies.Usual things tonight can be mesmorizing our eyes anyway.This natural lights soften our minds probably.Only the sounds come from the frogs, bats.Mind would be calming down for a whole period of time during the night.Fresh air frequently come through the paddy field.Fhere is a water canal flowing down through the paddy field and the land.I remember the days back in my childhood when got down to this stream and played as much as I wanted.Now its exposed before my eyes like as it happens just right now.Besides the stream had Bovitiya tree had grown all along.Flowers and fruits in it had been grown.I picked them out and fixed a flower in my head and running down on the bank of the stream while eating that fruit. After having that fruit my mouth got blue and when I watched the shadow of my face it looks like a devil from the standstilling water in the well. also I made this flower to flow on the flowing water.By looking at those things I felt a very simple amusement.Most of the time father goes to there with a fowl in his hand. Breakfast is usually taken by boiling or burning some yams grown in the land itself and mixed together with scraped coconut actually still I love the behaviour of ancient people.They used to not have big dreams like today some people have.

We lived a simple life with a simple understanding of nature.Can we still just sigh and remember what happened then?

The night before, my father had told my mother that I had heard that the tubers on the land had fallen.So the next morning I also went to remove the yams. Dad was still working on the land.

In fact,Hulankiriya is a very popular dish among our grandparents.It’s not only because of the taste of the potatoes but also because of the quality.

Hulankiriya is one of the most widely used herbs in our Hela medicine.The flour obtained from these potatoes is called ‘Arukkan flour’ in medicine.It is also used as an antidote for stomach ailments as well as cholesterol, obesity, seizures, heart ailments, fevers, coughs and skin ailments.If you find potatoes with such properties and bury them in the boundary of your home land, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of it in 7,8 months.It is easy for you as you do not need any care.So today I also boiled arrowroots for ours,made a delicious onion fry with the stuff I had sitting in and fed it to my dad with coconut.But not like at home.

Father with exhausted face came into the hut while the kola kanda(porridge) pot Is boiling on the stove.Sunshine is very strong outside.However the onion fry which I made is tasted by father with full of satisfaction.The reason that is usually he likes onion fry with adding some lemon juice. Meanwhile I kept a hot kola kanda cup on his hand then he blazed me as, “you may deserve to have more and more merits, daughter” then my compassion was overspilled towards my father.Then I realized the thoughts are very soft and mild with the people who struggle the earth.Next I too had a kanda cup and took some to my mother,then I reached there my pets were waiting on the doorstep expecting my coming. I usually keep several names to each pets,because I love them more and more.There are many names for the love

Because i came by walking a short distance I thought to have a drink made of bovitia.For that i also added some sugar, salt, and some ginger. Actuall ly it was very tasty.My were being attracted to the dark purple colour if the juice. But when lime is added, the purplish colour came to play hide and seek with us,making the purple to red..mother must be tired. I thought that I made the drink at the proper time

Ahhh….I forgot tell you that Hinbovitia leaves that have a very nutritious value to the body.These tiny blue violet coloured flowers fluttering all around the Bovitia trees are favourites of mine also it has already named as a southern provincial flower.They are use commonly in ayurvedic medicines too.Though the leaves are little bit sour.People are used to using it as a kanda and curry as well.I don’t have so far tested it Itself to recover diseases like Hepatitis,Haemophilia and dislike to eat food.

I would like to request from all of you please add these Kola kanda and local yams to your day to day life. Love to the nature. Enjoy the life.Feel free with this small life forever.

This is your amicable,



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