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Lunch Interval Cricket under the Bo Tree

It was in 1960 that the passion for cricket and the traditions of being Thomian were instilled into our little minds. Having progressed now to the Lower 3rd and Upper 3rd forms we were the senior in the Lower School.

We would go through the motions of learning English from Miss Bay, singing with June Borellessa and Art with Nalini Jayasuriya during the morning hours. Then, The most exciting part of our schoolday would come as the bell rang at 12.05 pm, signalling lunch. Some would rush to gobble down the sandwiches brought from home; others ran to the Tuck Shop for string hopper feed and Winchester boys sped to the dining room. By 12.15 pm the games of cricket would begin  on the Big Club grounds. There would be over 20 different games played simultaneously among various teams and age groups each crisscrossing the others.

We were by now in different groups, flying distinctive “flags”. The challenges for a game of cricket during the lunch intervals were thrown out and accepted.

Verbatim 1969 College Magazine article by Hiran Adhihetty

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