eLanka | SL cricketers not prioritised for COVID-19 vaccination


Professor Arjuna de Silva


Head of the Medical Committee of Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) Professor Arjuna de Silva yesterday said that the Sri Lankan cricketers are not included in the priority list for the COVID-19 free vaccination.

“We can’t include them to the priority list at this moment as the government has already named frontline health workers and security personnel for the vaccination,” he said during a discussion with SLC officials.

Professor de Silva, who is also the chairman of the Sri Lanka Anti Doping Agency (SLADA) said that if the private sector start using the vaccination system in future then the cricketers could also make use of that facility.

“We can’t list the cricketers for the priority list. They have a minimum risk for this COVID-19 and also they don’t have any ailments such as diabetic or kidney diseases,” he explained.

“They also maintain a good physical fitness always for the sport. So my personal view is that they can’t be included for the COVID-19 priority list,” he said.

“Not only the cricketers but even other athletes could request to have this vaccine but we have to proceed according to the Government system,” added Professor de Silva.

Meanwhile, the Sri Lanka National pool players who are under a quarantine period, are subject to do their PCR tests today.

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