Indeed, one of the most remarkable stories as regards to the British Royal Family, sent in to me by our good friend and eLanka Member Maxwell Gerreyn, so thank you, Max.

Whenever we mention the Royal Family, it is generally in reference to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, or maybe Prince Charles, the heir to the throne, Prince Andrew who, incidentally, is the Queen’s favourite son, although he has been giving his family quite a few bad headaches, recently, because of the company he chooses to keep. Then, the conversation may turn to Prince William, 2nd in line to the throne, or Prince Harry, his brother, who now boasts an American wife, Meghan, or the “little Royals” like George & Archie.

          Another member of this Royal Family, never to be forgotten, and still frequently spoken about, is of course the Princess of the people, one of the most beautiful Princesses ever, Diana, the Princess of Wales, tragically killed in a car accident, many moons ago. 

          Prince Phillip, Queen Elizabeth’s consort husband is fast approaching the age where he expects an official letter from his wife, congratulating him on a job, well done. He has always stood by his Queen, walking behind her, but always a step behind, as Royal protocol demands, but, from what I am given to understand, still “calls the shots” at the Palace, where they reside. True, he has smashed up a couple of cars, driving in his late nineties, but, if Prince Phillip wishes to take a chance of accidentally driving into another gate, Prince Phillip WILL, and it seems that not even his Royal wife can stop him. However, when all is said and done, he has been an excellent Prince Consort, and no-one can take this from him. 

          So, we now know a few details of Prince Phillip. However, nothing much was known about his mother, until this remarkable story (video) was viewed by the writer. I had to share it with all our eLanka members & readers, simply because stories like this, are what makes eLanka present some of the most interesting reading/viewing matter possible. Please watch this video folks, and don’t forget to make a small, yet important donation to this website, a donation that is only necessary to keep eLanka Staff in employment.Thank you, in anticipation.

         Desmond Kelly.
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