“A Twist in Baila”(Style) – By Des Kelly


Something very different, AND very good, in our favourite baila dancing style. Everyone who loves “doing” the baila will undoubtedly love this video, kindly sent to me by a good friend, Elliston, via Stanislaus Kleyn, who obviously loves this type of music & dancing and now wishes to share it around. Thank you, to them both.

          A twist in baila however, is ideal only for very experienced baila twist dancers. Personally, while I enjoy the music of the Sri Lankan specialist baila dancing, I cannot dance, to save my soul. I did try my hand at some Tap-dancing many years ago, but had to give it up, after I got very tired and actually fell into the Sink !!. 

          Anyway, let us now forget about Covid 19, Elections, Budgets & stuff

eLankans, and enjoy this amazing video, sent especially to cheer you up.

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  Desmond Kelly.
(Editor-in-Chief) eLanka.


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