Having served in the Royal Ceylon Navy myself, so many years ago, it was very heartening, and I felt proud to read this beautiful story, authored, in the first place, by a guy named Dan. 

          Daniel, we, at eLanka would have been more than pleased to publish your full name, as we normally do, at eLanka, for any writer whose articles we publish, but since you completed your story, simply signing off as Dan, so be it. 

          This beautiful R,Cy.N. tale comes to all our eLanka readers via two famous Burgher names (so, here we are again, happy as could be, all good friends, and jolly good company), Victor Melder & Maxwell Gerreyn. Thank you both.

Desmond Kelly.
(Editor-in-Chief) eLanka.

A Truly Beautiful Story…

It’s well known that Divers  of  Sri Lanka Navy are hardcore, well trained, energetic and a tough set of unique sailors, whose heroic achievements are hallmarks of this _silent service_ …..

They get themselves involved in a plethora of naval  duties including underwater demolitions and immersing  in animal welfare  isn’t their daily bread and butter.

 But this is an entirely different story ….

Last morning a team of Divers who were involved in an operational activity in the Trincomalee harbour observed a ferocious Dog attacking a Deer on the beach at the entrance to Nicholson Cove….

This helpless Deer was desperate and only option was to jump into the ravaging sea, which she was forced to do ……

Wading in the sweeping  waters and strong currents was not the Deers forte and now she was again struggling to keep her head above the water, out in the ocean ….

This is the time the Diving boat immediately came to rescue and as seen in the below video, with immense difficulty, managed to lift her into the Dingy and brought  her ashore to safety…..

On the advice of area Veterinarian, the Deer was kept at the Diving Unit and treated for Dog bites as she may have not  survived in the jungle with such serious injuries. 

To the surprise of everyone, after two days the Deer gave birth to a baby Fawn at the Diving Unit which immediately elevated the Command Diving Officer as the ” *God Father* ” of the newly born.

That ended the saga of the ” *Diver’s Deer* ” with the christening of the baby Fawn as *”Scuba”*…..

Well done Cdr Nishantha  Balasuriya,  whilst applauding you and your team for the magnanimous gesture, this may go down in history as the first instance that Divers assisted a birth of a baby Fawn – Deer ……


What an amazing story, God’s favour was upon this mother and fawn to save it against such odd’s


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