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The bookish education and lack of time to engage in sports at the school have disrupted the creation of skillful children. The child’s interaction with nature is a fundamental component that creates a strong bond with nature

Till the mountains disappear

Till the mountains disappear

Till the mountains disappear


By General Gerry de Silva

History is always fascinating. Especially history one is intimately involved in. The book ‘Till the mountains disappear’ was initiated by late Rev Fr. Stanley Abeysekera, the 10th Rector (1983-1996) of St. Joseph’s College and compiled and completed by Avishka Senewiratne, a former Assistant Head Prefect (2017/18). Josephians are indebted to the late Fr. Stanley Abeysekera for commencing the work on one of his life time ambitions and Avishka who joined Fr. Stanley and similarly realised his ambition too of compiling this great historical trove of information.

The sacrifices they made cannot be imagined. They had to painstakingly research historical facts from records and archives to deliver an accurate and factual commentary that enriched the book with human glow, epitomising brilliance and an exemplary Christian life style to be followed in the future.


The authors have included contributions made by Josephians through the ages in all walks of life from Pastors to politicians, philanthropists, professionals, business magnates, educationists, academics, sportsmen, students and all others who even contributed in a small manner to make St. Joseph’s College the great and hallowed seat of learning which excelled in grooming their charges in all spheres of life towards unparalleled success in the annals of great scholastic institutions, not just in Sri Lanka.

It amplifies the long and eventful journey of St. Joseph’s College. The legacy is written in letters of gold and is a handsome gift to posterity. The book is acomprehensive chronology of complete dedication, untiring efforts and magnificent achievements of each and every Josephian who contributed towards its magnificence.

Source of inspiration

It will be a source of inspiration and pride and motivate future generations to uphold the noble traditions and principles of our predecessors who inducted balanced sense of values to be emulated by our successors.

Copies of this historical record must be in the possession of all Josephians and others who have contributed. My grateful and sincere thanks to you Avishka, for being able to complete this chronicle, fulfilling the life ambition of both Authors.

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