eLanka | Ceylon Society of Australia – First General Meeting 2021 At 6.00 PM on Sunday 28 February – Talk by Prianga de Fonseka


Ceylon Society of Australia

First General Meeting 2021
At 6.00 PM on Sunday 28 February
Venue: Pennant Hills Community Centre Hall,
Cnr. Ramsay Road (off Yarrara Road), Pennant Hills

Ceylon Society of Australia

Talk by Prianga de Fonseka
RIBA, Graduate in Architecture (UTS)
Principal Design Architect – Design Director.
will speak on
“The History and Development of Architecture
in Sri Lanka”.

Prianga will show how Architecture has progressed in Sri Lanka by highlighting significant examples of projects from the pre-historic era through to the present, comparing its evolution to other civilisations around the world.

The development of architecture in the present and recent past after the colonial period, and the influence of this era on traditional local architecture and how this was adapted to suit our tropical climate, is significant in the evolution of architecture of Sri Lanka.

The present era, incorporating the advances in technology, in engineering and with Sri Lanka’s economy accommodating tourism as its major earner, has led to a revolutionary new hospitality architecture based on its traditional architecture, before other countries around the world also changed to an architecture relevant to the architecture of their country, moving away from the American style high rise hotels that were prevalent in the early 1960s.

Recent architectural projects incorporating and designed to be in harmony with the surrounding landscape, as well as innovative engineering in “traditional” buildings, will also be presented.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All the Government quarantine guidelines will be applied and strictly adhered to by all those present at the premises .

After a brief question time, the usual Social will follow. Those able are requested to kindly bring non-sweet savoury finger food. Please avoid cakes with icing as the general preferences are for plain cakes, sandwiches and savoury pastries. To avoid duplication of food items please contact our Social Convenor Amal Wahab on (02) 9402 7735.

As an alternative, a donation to the CSA to help defray costs could be made at
the meeting.

Admission is FREE and by prior BOOKING ONLY!
Contact Pauline on 0419 447665 or Sunimal on 0404 462412.

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