Today is one of the saddest days in my many years in this wonderful country.

It marks 2021 as the year my mate & brother ‘Passed away’ When my Sister in Law (A smart and loving wife to him and a loving mother to her children and Grandmother, phoned this morning. I felt it in my bones, the end was just minutes away.

He instigated the formation of The Burgher Association in Victoria, together with others he built a strong and viable Association. He was a strongest supporter of the ACF Inc. and served it well again with a strong committee led by Cecil Dewith- Barbet he helped in engineering the existing ACF premises. he was part of that committee until just two years ago,  His last words to me the day I left (Then Ceylon) was ‘We will join you as soon as possible’

He kept his word.

His motto was ‘I shall pass this way but once’

Rest Big brother until we meet again

Ryle Joseph Moldrich

Ref: facebook page (and email)

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