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Once again, we are faced with coincidences that are almost impossible to imagine, this time, in the

Gentleman’s game of cricket. 

eLanka readers learn of many things as they peruse our regular newsletters, but this, folks, is something entirely different. 

          With the current season of Cricket, now in full force, my friend Maxie Gerreyn sent me this little piece, but the author is unknown and this seems to be a shame, because a lot of research would have had to be made, in order to come up with these amazing coincidences. A two-person similarity of “opposite names” taking part in a game, would have been surprising enough, but THIS is a “Caught & Bowled” situation involving 

THREE NAMES !!. Enough said, folks, 

just read and enjoy this. Blink your way through it, because I bet you will.

Desmond Kelly
 (Editor-in-Chief) eLanka.

Plenty, when three names line up, as in a cricket scorecard.

The starting point is the famous

Lillee c Willey  b  Dilley.

Read on…All names are of cricketers, past and present

Pope  c  Priest  b  Bishop

Christian  c  Pope  b  Bishop

Cook  c  Buttler  b  Kitchen

Bird  c Crowe   b   Robin

Watling c  Ponting  b Holding

Brown c   Green  b  White

Llong  c  Broad  b  Short

Redwood  c  Blackwood  b  Underwood

Hair  c Knot   b  Barber       

Lamb  c  Shepherd  b  Butcher

Onions  c  Rice   b  Cook

Bird  c Hunte  b  Reiffel

Root  c  Flower  b Rose

Hall  c  Kitchen  b Boothe

Swann  c  Crane   b Snape

French c Holland  b Finn

Lever  c  Key  b  Lock

Salt  c  Onions  b  Cook

Holland  c French  b  Scott

Wood c  Steele   b Ironsides

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