“MATCH EKA” – by Des Kelly


Now that Cricket has once again become the flavour of the month, I have decided to bring back memories of how much they think about this game in Sri Lanka, after all, just a few years ago they defeated Australia, supposedly the best in the World, and Arjuna was only narrowly beaten by Gotabaya, for the Presidency of our former homeland.

I have always enjoyed Vinoda Samaya and their natural Comedians, most of whom have now passed on, but to explain this comedy sketch to those who do not know Sinhala, especially some who migrated to Melbourne from SL just before the latest Pandemic, the story goes that this funny, plump guy who cries a lot, has been listening to the wireless, taking in a cricket match being played, has just lost his wife, who has quite probably run away with another man (because she does not like cricket), and Berty’s friend, who is, like everybody else, another fanatic, is trying to convince Berty that a famous Sarsthara-karaya (soothsayer) has just been hired in order to find Berty’s lost wife.

         Berty is very grateful, but, at the same time, does not want to miss the cricket match being played. His wife has now been lost for a few hours, and he even remembers the dress she was wearing when she went missing, as a matter of fact, he was going out himself to look for her, (after the match), so now, reluctantly, he has to sit down with the S.K. in order to help find her. 

          In my opinion, this comedy team, who has possibly never ever seen the inside of any acting class, has managed to put on several comedy sketches that are naturally funny, without epithets, or even any “kunuharapa”, and while they also bring back great memories of Sri Lanka, I have always enjoyed most of their little comedy skits. This one is a tad longer than others, but please sit back folks and enjoy MATCH EKA.

          Desmond Kelly.

        (Editor-in -Chief) eLanka.  

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