Dear friends,

Plans are being made for the College centenary (due on 18th Jan 2022) and the Magazine “The Peterite” is one if the publications planned. Rev. Fr. Rohitha Rodrigo, Rector, yesterday appointed me as the ‘Editor’ of it.

Apart from the many responsibilities involved as editor, gathering documents and data in regard to the history of St. Peter’s, particularly pictorial records, will be one such responsibility.

Many documents and pictures I’m sure, are in the possession of Old Boys spread throughout the globe and I’m appealing to you all, to support this worthy cause. There is no need to share the original unless you wish to. What is required is sending me a scanned copy of the document or picture in your possession, which in your opinion would serve the purpose.

As for originals, any originals submitted would get pride of place in the Archives at College which is also to be re launched.

I trust you will appreciate that we will not be able to accommodate in the publication to be launched, all material received, due to space and budgetary constraints. 

I have appealed in general to all Peterites in this regard but this is to a selected lot of Peterites whom I consider friends. I’m sure you will respond and support me in this task and thank you in advance.


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