A Message from The Great Beyond By Oscar E V Fernando


Oscar Fernando

Topics bordering the beyond-considered as beneath the fashionable-intellectual and macho level of attention-now appear in the social media-inhibited only by the modernist taboo-of the writer being dubbed-a goodie-goodie-observed John

Is the new attention a covid syndrome-asked Jack

perhaps-perhaps it is -said John-what with search for vaccines-and even the lowly honey bee not being left alone

however-thoughts of the beyond-other than astronomy-science-finance and technology-are indulged in by those stranded in the realms of logic-but also searching for contentment within

stop that cacophony of which I have had a full in ear and eye-a whole decade through and go ahead with the theme that seems to-en-balm-my soul-sickened with the show of pomp-pageantry- rivalry-hatred-power-wealth and glory-seen all over society and in the world at large said Jack

that balm said John-you get from many a modern writer of prose-poetry and song-with appealing lyrics and music to feed the high and the low emotional tides of the modernist seeker-by serving old wine in new wineskins

this old wine continued John can be found in-the dhamma Pada-Verdic writings of Rishis-Koran-Tora-Old and New Testament Bibles and prophesies of old-these tackle life’s problems buried beneath the thick layers of emotion-a worthier exercise than visiting the shrink

reading ancient texts reveal many a message from the beyond to a world propelling to a pitch of crisis and turmoil-some such are-destruction of Sodom and Gomora with fire-Noa’s-Ark-only saved from torrential rains and in more recent times-the Spanish flu-amazon forest fires-floods-tsunamis-volcanoes and the likes-said John

Such a message-was witnessed in a stable at Bethlehem two millennia ago-nay-a good nine months before-when a message was sent to a lowly woman through an angel who came as the agent of God-the principal and pronounced her-Hail-echoing the very words of God

further-He called her-Full of Grace-for only God knows there is no other human-full of grace after the Fall

the agent also said-the Lord is with thee-not just a baby in her womb

should we not revere and venerate this women-Mary-as the Life that she conceived in her womb-is that of the Creator God Himself and not vilify her as some wicked men do and mock those who venerate her as worshipers of Mary

quoting the prayer-Hail Mary-John referred to the first part which is structured from scripture-as seen above and the second-composed by the Church runs thus-Holy Mary-Pray for us sinners-it does not plead with Mary to forgive our sins

and this strain of veneration is seen through the doctrinal teachings of the Church-though some of the faithful do not distinguish-veneration from adoration

but what is the message of good news queried Jack

This message of love was given at a time of turmoil exemplified with the wicked order given by Herod to massacre new born babes who the wise men in search of infant Jesus told Herod-they are searching for a hew born babe who will be king of the Jews

Yes-but what is the message queried Jack

the message is love and unconditional love at that

Why unconditional asked Jack-firstly-Mary’s Yes when knowing she had to face society with an un-named father’s child in her womb-until Joseph came to her rescue

she only pondered in her heart-without volunteering to explain-and pondered she did all her life-up to the very foot of the cross at Calvary-where she heard Jesus forgiving those who nailed him to the cross-for they know not what they do-

this gesture of unconditional love was displayed in an ocean of hatred wickedness and greed-wanting tooth for tooth-eye for eye and nailing human beings to the wood of a cross-as punishment for crime

secondly was the great love of the Father in sending His Son to save us unconditionally and opened gates of paradise back to us-Jack being puzzled was pacified by John for a later explanation

it would appear that a message similar to these earlier ones-is floating around the globe-filled with-individualism-selfishness and egoism-catering to the greed of man-by interfering with the balance of nature’s fauna and flora-and the littlest of the fauna very busy teaching man a lesson to get down from the high horse and start loving-fauna-flora and his neighbor-and unconditionally too

some reader from the macho group-may name this writer-a weakling and a goodie-goodie-but this very Jesus had said-Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.

Oscar E V Fernando

January 2021


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