Dear Fellow Mustang,

The 142 nd Battle of the Blues is scheduled to be played on the days stated above. But it is very likely that the match will be played without spectators but in front of school authorities, parents and a few invitees only. But the Match will be televised as usual.

Therefore, MUSTANGS (like Stallions, Colts and Thoroughbreds etc,) is in the process of making arrangements to watch the match from a friendly and hospitable premises to keep our Royal Thomian spirit, associations, comradery alive and unbroken.

Although it will not be same from what we have been used to ever since this great rivalry in cricket began 141 years ago, much effort will be made to compensate for the lack of the ideal with good facilities and a comfortable atmosphere to watch the match on a wide screen and enjoy the service of food, drinks and a variety in music as never before. We think all of us should feel this new experience too.

The price of a ticket will be less than last time if spectators are not allowed entry to the grounds. A formal letter will follow regarding the final arrangements , once the match arrangements are finalized by the Royal Thomian Match Committee.

We are not too sure if we will receive MAS shirts this time considering the situation. However, the Bush shirt will come to you with a better quality linen material in dark blue colour. We have informed the supplier to adjust the sizes to be better fitting for color sizes 16 and above ( as stated below ) based on

the comments received. Therefore, please send your collar size, as the shirts supplied will be strictly based on the size you order.

Color size Chest measurement( one side only ) length
16 24 29.25
16 ½ 24.5 29.5
17 25 30
17 ½ 25 ½ 32
18 26 ½ 32.5
18 ½ 27 ½ 33
19 28 ½ 33.5

( 1 ) Please note that last time, only 5 shirts were ordered for size 14 ½ and no orders were received for size 15. The rest of the orders were received for sizes 16 ½ ( 150 ), 17 ( 125 ), 17 ½ ( 60 ) and 16 ( 55

). The latter categories may take note that we have increased the chest size by an inch and the length by 1 ½ inches in each color size to establish European standards for us.

( 2 ) Only those who will buy a ticket will receive the bush shirt ( and the MAS T shirt if available) .

( 3 ) Your early intimation will help us to order the shirts well in time, unlike last time where we had a last minute rush.


We look forward to an early reply so that we can serve you better. Please forward you reply to Mr. Lalith Perera at the “Mustangs Secretariat” at BERNARD BOTEJU BUSINESS PARK, NO 106,

DUTUGAMUNU STREET, KOHUWAL, DEHIWALA or still better to the email address mustangstent@gmail.com

Best regards,

  1. J. De Silva Devinda Amarasuriya

Joint Secretary                                                                      Joint Secretary

0777794300 / ceolsl@hotmail.com                               0777395121 /earthlk@sltnet.lk


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