Book Review: Storm Warning by Dinah McCall

Book Review

Source:Dæhæna – Monthly e-Newsletter January 2021

“Mma Storm Warning is a thriller/romance fiction novel written by Sharon Sala under the pseudonym of Dinah McCall. It explores the journey of Virginia Shapiro as she tries to escape a mysterious invisible killer. She is the last alive in a class of seven schoolgirls who have all recently died in unfortunate and unusual circumstances.

McCall’s writing style makes this book quite easy to read, ensuring you get absorbed into the narrative very quickly. Also, the way the author sets up the story within the first few chapters creates a suspenseful atmosphere which entices you to keep reading. The character development of the two main protagonists as the story progresses is done well and is represented in a raw way that can seem relatable to the reader. Their romantic
storyline becomes an integral part of the overall plot, even though it may seem forced initially. The overall plot is extremely interesting, and the plot twists are well hidden in the dialogue of the characters. The book creates a great message about how strong the feeling of vulnerability can be, and without the proper care or protection, it
can be quite dangerous.

I came across this novel last year at a school fair in Roma, Queensland. There was a second-hand book stall at the fair selling old books for $1 each. Storm Warning was one of the books I bought that day, and I began to read it with little to no expectations on its quality. I was pleased at how much I enjoyed the plot and structure
of the story. The suspense & thriller aspect of the story interested me more than the romantic themes, but I could appreciate how the storylines played their part in carrying the plot. I was surprised by the final plot twist, even though in hindsight it seems obvious. Also, I enjoyed how the structure of the story illustrated the characters’ perspectives neatly converging onto the final act of the story. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, considering I had no expectations of it after buying it second-hand. Definitely a story worth more than $1!
Any fans of suspense novels or even romance novels will enjoy this book. 

Achira Samaratunga

Achira is a 23 year old pharmacist who has enjoyed reading books since he was very young. Achira contributed to the very first issue of this newsletter in September 2006 when he was a 9 year old.

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