Police gun down wild elephant in Kahatagasdigiliya



Kahatagasdigiliya Police say a wild elephant died in the Nolugollekada area in Kahatagasdigiliya after being shot by a police sergeant on duty at the Kahatagasdigiliya police station.

A police team from the Kahatagasdigiliya Police Station was dispatched to the Nolugollekada village at around 12.30 last night (26) after residents sought assistance to chase away a wile elephant that was destroying their crops. 

The police opened fire when the elephant attempted to charge the police team that was arriving at the location in a jeep. The wild elephant died on the spot from the shooting.

The elephant is about 8 feet tall and nearly 30 years old, police said. Kahatagasdigiliya Police are conducting further investigations.

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