Coastal clean-up program at Pasikkuda, Batticaloa


Pasikuda is known as ‘Green- Algae Bay’ which is located approximately 35 kilometers away from the town of Batticaloa. The natural beauty of this beach with its horseshoe shaped bay, endless stretch of sandy shores and sparkling blue waters attracts visitors from all over.

There are a string of hotels, restaurants and guesthouses located along the shores of this beach. After the civil war in Sri Lanka and the tsunami in 2004, tourism activities in this area experience a downfall. However, at present Pasikuda is making a comeback as a tourist destination. The government has taken necessary action to redevelop this area through a government- driven Special Economic Zone. This beach has been identified as one of the most secure spots for swimming in Sri Lanka and visitors have the ability to wade further into the sea because of the shallowness of the sea. Visitors can takepart in surfing, snorkeling, diving, wind surfing, water-skiing and kite surfing while at Pasikuda.

The best time to visit Pasikuda between May to September in order to enjoy this heavenly beach.

Due to the monsoon pattern of eastern province, most of the solid wastes were aggregated in the coastal belt of Pasikkuda. Therefore, as it is a tourist destination. In order to keep clean the Passikudah beach Marine Environment Protection Authority (MEPA) organized a cleanup program on December 24 at Pasikkuda, to remove the solid wastes with the help of various organizations/ institutions such as Sri Lanka Navy, Sri Lanka Police, Koralai Predesyasaba and tourism association with all necessary precautions instructed by health ministry due to the covid-19 outbreak.

During the Clean up the officials from MEPA Dr. Terney Pradeep Kumara, General Manager, Nilantha Piyadasha Assistant Manager -Province, T.Shripathy Assistant Manager North and East Madura and Thayrooban, District Marine Environment officers were participated.

Ms. Shoba Ranjith, chairman of Pradeshiya Sabha Koralaipattu also pasticipated in the clean up programme.

The collected wastes were sent to dumpingsite, pasikkuda by Predesya Saba and the non-degradable materials such as plastics were sent to the recycling points. All dead Eichornia crassipes sp. were sent to dumping sites.

The cleanup program was successfully completed with the help of officers and Pasikkuda turned back to its healthy state.

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