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Donate to eLanka – Secure Credit Card Payment

EVERYTHING done by eLanka is aimed to benefit all Lankans  (and others), out there. Your donation goes directly to a small team in Sri Lanka who assist with the day to day IT and content management operations of eLanka website and our ever popular weekly Newsletter.

If you own a small business, wouldn’t it be much better if you could turn into a “big-one”?. Of course, you would, only please remember, whether you are a Doctor, Lawyer, Beggar-man, or Thief, eLanka cannot exist on the smell of an oily rag, or, for that matter, ON LOVE & FRESH AIR, all we ask is a donation to help us, help you, brighten up your day, as best we can.

Many thanks for your kind consideration. Remember, your donation will reach far more than you will think!. Thank You!





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