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The song “Seasons 2020” was originally written to capture the apparently typical care-free life of a young person during the four seasons in the western world (hence winter, autumn etc.).

The outbreak of Covid 19 and the subsequent Lockdowns with its forced change of routine inspired me to adapt the lyrics to reflect on the frustration of a young person trying to understand the impact of the virus on her own hitherto familiar world and routines such as socialising and holidaying with friends.

Having recorded all the instruments at home using home-recording technology Anil was able to win the support of two great musicians to complete the recording.

Olaf Otzipka was the singer of the band “The Engineers” that Anil played with over a decade ago in Bremen, in the northern part of Germany.

He agreed immediately to do the main vocals which he recorded at his home-studio and sent Anil as a single track to be embedded in the song for the final mix.

The bass guitar on the song was done by Mohan Gooneratne who is the youngest brother of the late Conrad Gooneratne who had a great career in music and played, among others, also with the Super Golden Chimes and with Sri Lanka musical legends such as Donald Peiris and Benjy Ranabahu.

Mohan, an Old-Benedictine and an old-Peterite, is a very talented all-round musician who is very active in Germany and currently playing in different bands.

He, likewise, recorded the bass track on “Seasons 2020 ” at home and made it available to Anil for the final mix.

The song is a typical Lockdown-Production, forced by social distancing in place in Germany since March 2020 but enabling the full-employment of the modern music-production technology.

There will be more music coming from Germany in the forthcoming months.

eLanka is proud to support such great musical productions!…. Until the next song from Anil… enjoy!


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