OTRS out to promote rugby at Trinity College-by Hafiz Marikar


Trinity College’s governing body Old Trintians Rugby Scrummage was the brainchild of Kenneth Boteju who played for Trinity in the late 1940’s. Boteju started it around 1992 together with his friend Rajah ‘Dabar’ Adihetty. He gathered some former players including M.T..M.Zarook, Dr. Robert Sourjah, Dr. Abeyratne, Dr. KennethGunawardena, Wilhelm Balthazaar, and Ken de Joodt.

Dr. Robert Sourjah was the first chairman with Dr. Kenneth Gunawardena as vice chairman, Kenneth Boteju as secretary, Dabar Adihetty as treasurer.

This organization’s main objectives, are to promote and develop rugby from junior to senior level and it gives a big hand for the game, and is all-out to give their best when the Coronavirus epidemic comes to an end This is the first time in history since 1945 the Bradby Shield game was not played. The chairman of the Scrummage Channa Pathirana says at present sports is facing a crisis never seen before and at this most challenging time we are taking unprecedented action as a sport united to support global rugby He said that he has chaired many productive meetings and are rapidly moving towards a viable calendar solution and, compromises are being made, the outcome will be in the best interests of the game.

The present Chairman of the scrummage Channa Pathirana is one of the finest rugby forwards of the mid 1990’s, took over the position for the second time in the month of September. He is blessed with active committee vice presidents Ashan Ratwatte and Thakshala Hettiarchchi both were top class players. The secretary is Amil Ramanathan and the treasurer is Asanka Ranhotti. The committee is made of top players like Janindra Dunuwille, Nilantha Ratnayake, and M.T…L.J. Perera,Harris Omar, Murad Ramzeen, D.N.R. Fernando, Thusith Inok, Lakmal Tennakoon and S.W. Chang.

At this AGM they named Rodney So”oialo the former All Blacks as the Consultant head coach, then for the senior side the backs coach Thusitha de Silva who is arugby coloursmen and past Kandy SC and OTSC player, with years of experience in coaching, The forwards coach named is Pradeep Basnayake, a Trinity Lion who also was good in basketball. He led Kandy SC and the national side.

The rugby manager cum coach position went to Kavinda Jayasena who too is a Trinity Lion who played for Kandy SC HavelockSC and the national side.

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