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Coconut oil and Health
 There are different opinion between coconut oil and health
 Coconut oil is a highly saturated fat and early research showed saturated fat increases LDL and thereby increases CVD.
 As of 2018 AHA, ESC and WHO advise to limit saturated fats and replace them with the poly unsaturated fats.
 Hence most medical professionals advised to avoid coconut oil for patients with CVD.

 Recent studies show coconut oil increases HDL (Kay et.al)
 Antioxidants in coconut oil reduces CVD (clear free radicles)
 Ketogenic property of coconut oil improves dementia (Anecdotal evidence – Dr Mary Newport and others)
 Coconut oil induces high metabolic rate and thereby promotes weight reduction (small studies and celebrity endorsements) Reasons Cont.. Influence of Popular Media
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