“FAKE Photographs that are REAL” !! – By Des Kelly

  Absolutely amazing photographs that will possibly convince anyone to think that they have been falsely made up, or FAKE !!, but in actual fact, they are untouched and eerily real (which is difficult to say, especially if you lipse a little, but lisp even less). Thank you, Max, for sending this in to me. I now share it with all our eLanka members who will enjoy seeing them, I am sure.

Desmond Kelly

Desmond Kelly.
(Editor-in-Chief) eLanka.

So Fake It Will Freak You When You Realize They Are Real

1.    A dust storm over the ocean in Australia 

A dust storm over the ocean in Australia 

2.    This floating cruise ship is actually a hotel in South Korea.

3.    This optical illusion is outside of Paris City Hall and while you might be thinking it’s a sphere of grass, it’s actually all flat land.


4.    These trees are trimmed to appear in a straight line. It looks like something straight out of inception.

5.    Two of the biggest tennis stars, Federer and Nadal, playing on a water court.

6.    A rainbow and waterfall that make everything look oh so magical.

7.    The salt flats in Bolivia make it seem like you’re walking on water.

8.    This is what an earthquake did to some train tracks in Canterbury, New Zealand.

9.    This parking garage sign that jumps straight out at you.

10  A sinkhole in Guatemala City in 2010…yes, this actually happened and yes, it really was 60 feet wide and 200 feet deep.

11 Fishermen on Chaohu Lake, China. They are actually rowing through algae-filled water.

12 Just a regular optical illusion created by some extremely clear water.


13 A tornado mixed with a rainbow over Kansas.

14 The Crooked Forest is located in West Pomerania, Poland and it’s totally stunning. There are over 400 bent trees in this forest.


15 This wolf is made entirely from pipe cleaners


16. This isn’t a joke, this picture is actually of a phone line that was partly destroyed from a fire in Russia.

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