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Breathtaking vistas seen from Little Adam's Peak

Royal Palace of Kandy - By Arundathie Abeysinghe

Breathtaking sunrise and sunset views… Lush green views of cloud forests…Verdant carpets of tea… Awe-inspiring vistas with epic ‘clicks’ of spectacular views as far as the eye can see…Picturesque peak with a moderate hike and epic scenery with 360 degree magnificent vistas…
According to locals, Little Adam’s Peak got its name from Sacred *Adam’s Peak (where the footprint of the Buddha is preserved) as both mountains have a similar shape. Locals call this Peak ‘Punchi Sri Paada’ (meaning Little Adam’s Peak –Adam’s Peak is known as ‘Sri Paada’ in Sinhala).
Due to the difficulty in climbing Adam’s Peak which is an arduous task, many prefer to climb Little Adam’s Peak (also known as Mini Adam’s Peak) in Ella which is considered as the “brother of the larger peak” by locals.

Little Adam’s Peak is 1141 meters high and can be climbed by an inexperienced hiker also and the path is good up to the summit. The last stretch of the climb is steep with winding steps but even an amateur can climb it. The hike can be covered within two hours including the return journey. Majority of hikers tend to stay at the summit admiring breathtaking views as well as take epic ‘shots’ of the vistas. Spectacular views from this mountain render a cinematic experience to a hiker.

Little Adam’s Peak is one of the finest viewpoints in the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka. The gentle stroll through 98 acre tea plantation dotted with *saree clad tea pluckers on their way to work in the endless carpets of tea is a common sight on the trail to the Peak.

There are many magnificent rocks and platforms on the trail to Little Adam’s Peak. But the most spectacular views are those that can be seen from the summit with breathtaking views of lower plains surrounding Uva, Northern and Southern Provinces.

From the summit, the breathtaking vistas feature Ella Rock, Ella Gap as well as marvelous views of southern valleys. If the weather is fine without mist, South Coast of Sri Lanka as well as the Indian Ocean can be seen in the distance from Little Adam’s Peak.

The mesmerizing scene from the summit of the Peak renders an awe-inspiring cinematic experience.

As Ella is situated around 1040 meters above sea level, the hike to Little Adam’s Peak is not strenuous.

Many hikers climb the Peak early in the morning to watch awe-inspiring views of sunrise emerging behind the mountains while having breakfast on the summit.

The spectacular views that can be seen from all sides are breathtaking. Viewing the valley below from the summit of the Little Adam’s Peak is considered an exercise, as one has to rotate the body to enjoy the epic scenery of 360 degree views surrounding the Peak.

The path is clear and can be climbed without a guide.

Hike to Little Adam’s Peak is popular among local and foreign tourists. It is better to climb the Peak early in the morning as by midday, mist engulfs the area.   

Location: Ella – Passara Road via 98 acre Tea Estate

  • Adam’s Peak– Located in Central Highlands of Sri Lanka, Adam’s Peak has been a pilgrimage site for more than 1000 years. According to Buddhists, the footprint at the summit of the peak is the Sacred Footprint of the Buddha. Adam’s Peak is one of the tallest peaks of Sri Lanka (2243 meters height). It is a mountain climbed for religious purposes (due to its significance for all four religions in Sri Lanka) as well as for its breathtaking views made up of densely covered jungle as well as cliff drops. This Peak is popular among pilgrims as well as local and foreign tourists. The season to climb the peak is from December to May.
  • SareeA female attire from the Indian subcontinent, saree (also spelt as sari) is a beautiful unstitched drape measuring 5 to 9 meters in length that is wrapped around the waste with one end draped over the shoulder. Ranging from simple cotton fabric to silk, sarees are mostly worn in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

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