“COMEDY IS” – By Des Kelly

                     “COMEDY IS” – By Des Kelly   Just a short while to go, before all Victorians in Australia will be able to move around freely, once more. We have been trying our very best to keep ourselves occupied for the past few weeks, in lockdown, because of C.V.19, and it has been extremely difficult, but now Charles Schokman has been kind enough to present the Irish Comic genius Dave Allan who, in turn, is trying to teach us how to tell the time.            This also tells us a few things. Dave should have been here with us in Melbourne, teaching some NITWITS that THEY will be responsible for a longer TIME in  restrictions if they keep going to the beach, breaking the contact rules,  and being stupid. Also, that comedy, as entertainment, need not be offensive or swear-ridden, and finally, emulate my daughter trying to teach her “old man” the intricacies of the Internet.    …

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